tesla earrings

Many geniuses have strange obsessions. Tesla is among these geniuses. Geniuses are actually people too, they can have obsessions too. Tesla really loathed earrings, for example. He never particularly liked glowing earrings. In fact, he could hardly bear to see them. Come see, now there is jewelry related to Tesla everywhere. People are buying these jewels. They make earrings with the symbol of Tesla and put them in their ears.

tesla earrings

Tesla had some really weird obsessions. He is one of the greatest geniuses in human history. Obsessions aren’t always bad. But sometimes they can do harm when they go to extremes. They can harm both you and your environment. But these geniuses may have had some kind of obsession. Because one of Tesla’s biggest obsessions was that he would definitely finish what he started. Tesla never wanted his job to be left unfinished. He never slept, even stopped eating, but he always tried to finish his work. He was such a man of duty. Another obsession was that Tesla really hated earrings. He didn’t have a very bright life, but his work with electricity was brilliant. The reason he hates earrings is that they are too shiny.

Tesla hated earrings, but it’s not just earrings. Nikola hated jewelry of any kind. He didn’t even want to be close to you. He was disgusted with the various glittering jewels that people wore. Tesla was someone who counted his steps even while walking. He also calculated the cubic parts of the soup bowl, the coffee cup, the food. His brain was really working all the time. Because his brain could not stop, he liked to calculate almost everything he saw and did. He was also very interested in the number 3. He would try to do everything in his life on 3 and multiples of 3.

What are the gems related to Tesla?

Tesla is a very popular scientist today. Unfortunately, he did not receive enough attention during his time. That’s why he lived a life of misery. That’s why this great genius passed away quietly. Another reason why Tesla has been so popular lately is Elon Musk. Elon Musk had a huge impact by buying the Tesla electric car company. However, Tesla’s popularity also increased. Of course, as such, a lot of things were done about Tesla. One of them was Tesla earrings.

You can find many earrings, rings, necklaces related to Tesla. Its name has now become a part of modern culture. It is possible to see his symbol, photo, or name on many clothing products such as T-shirts and hoodies.