tailed baby

The event in Brazil went down in human history. A baby with a tail was born in a hospital in Brazil. This baby went down in human history. There have been different births before, but this is the first time a baby has a tail. The doctors’ mouths fell open. Tailed baby doctors surprised.

tailed baby

The medical world was in shock last week in Brazil. The news that made a big impact in the Brazilian press is the birth of a baby with a tail. This baby had a well 4 cm wide and 12 cm long. The tailed baby, which has passed into the history of humanity, is now in the center of attention of the medical world. This event, which was reflected in the news in a short time, also attracted a lot of attention from social media. People shared photos of the baby on social media.

Previously, the tailed baby case had occurred 40 times in total. This baby went down in history by having his name written among those 40 cases. The hospital where the incident took place is the Albert Sabin Children’s Hospital in Brazil. A woman about to give birth goes to the hospital with intense pain. Doctors take the woman to the delivery room in haste. It was not yet time for the pregnant woman to give birth. But despite this, the doctor gave birth with good intervention without putting the pregnant woman at risk. She had to pick up the baby early. But the doctor surprised after seeing the baby with a tail.

baby born prematurely

Due to the early onset of the pregnant woman’s contractions, the doctors had to rush her into the delivery room. There was a risk that the baby could be stillborn. At the same time, the woman’s life was at risk. The doctors performed the delivery safely with good intervention. The child was born prematurely. The doctors were happy that their operation was successful. Later, when they turned the child’s back, they saw that the baby had a tail. The doctors, who said that they had never encountered such an event before, were very surprised by the baby with a tail. Doctors say the baby’s tail is 12 cm long and 4 cm thick.

It is not the only example of a tailed doll that has made its way into human history. There are 40 more such cases that we know throughout human history. This case was first recorded in the history of medicine in the 19th century. Without wasting time, doctors immediately take the baby into surgery. After the risk-free surgery, the doctors cut off the baby’s tail.