US President Joe Biden Made His First Speech In Congress

Joe Biden Speech

Joe Biden’s full speech. US President Joe Biden made his first speech in Congress. He talked about the spending package for education, childcare, and families, the path taken in the fight against Covid-19. He also explained the details of American foreign policy. Biden addressed the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives at … Read more

RUSSIA UKRAINE Last Minute: The USA is Sending 2 Warships To The Black Sea Next Week!

Russia Ukraine

Last minute: Military tension between Russia and Ukraine is escalating. According to all these, the two countries continue to build up military forces on the borders of the separatist Donbas region. The USA, on the other hand, decided to send 2 warships to the Black Sea next week. They did notice transitions to Turkey. Turkey … Read more

Russia fines Twitter

Russia fines Twitter

Russia fines Twitter. Last month, the Russian Federal Information Technologies and Mass Communication Supervisory Authority made a request to Twitter. Twitter refused to remove some of the post-request content. Russia slowed Twitter down. Now, a court in Moscow fined Twitter 3.2 million rubles for administrative violation. The case of the Russian Federal Information Technology and … Read more