Sweden covid19

Sweden has now completely lifted the Covid19 measures. The country seems to be back to its normal days now. Scandinavian countries’ fight against coronavirus is rapidly coming to an end. Prior to Sweden, Norway and Denmark had also completely lifted their coronavirus measures. In Sweden, too, people breathed a sigh of relief. The bans were lifted, but the state still called on the people to be cautious. The streets in Sweden are now as happy as they were in the old days.

sweden covid19

Sweden, like the rest of the world, has been fighting the coronavirus for a long time. The distance restrictions imposed in Sweden for a long time seemed to annoy the public. Shopkeepers had made capacity restrictions in cafes and restaurants. But now, with most of the country being vaccinated, the bans have started to be lifted gradually. Swedish citizens woke up to a ban-free day after a long time. When the number of cases was almost gone, the state also abolished the coronavirus measures.

For the first time since the covid19 epidemic started in Sweden, you can go out without a mask. Masks and freedom in many areas have come in Sweden. Now cafes and restaurants have started to work at full capacity. Besides these businesses, they opened at full capacity in many places such as gymnastics and gymnasiums. In Sweden, they no longer require vaccinations and tests at the entrance to events. Due to the covid19 measures, there were vaccine and test rules at the entrance to many events. Now, the vaccine or test rule of event entries has ended.

Sweden is moving in the right direction in the epidemic.

The Swedish Public Health Agency announced that these measures have been lifted. However, he did not hesitate to warn the public that they should be careful. The Health Agency, which warned the public, said that the restrictions could come back. There is still no definitive Covid19 vaccine in the country. The Health Authority said that unvaccinated citizens in the country should also be vaccinated. At the moment, the Health Agency said, but data show Sweden is heading in the right direction.

Swedish citizens, on the other hand, seem very cheerful as the restrictions are lifted. After Norway and Denmark, Sweden has now completely lifted the restrictions. After the Health Institution made the official announcement, the citizens welcomed the news. Life has started to normalize in Sweden, where the number of Covid19 cases is gradually falling.