Tens Of Thousands Of Parents In The Netherlands Sued TikTok For 1.4 Billion Euros

10 Year Old Girl Dies Because Of Tiktok Challenge. In the Netherlands, more than 64 thousand parents filed a lawsuit against the social media platform TikTok for a total of 1.4 billion euros, on the grounds that it did not adequately protect the safety and privacy of their children.

The petition was submitted to the Amsterdam Court by the Market Information Research Foundation (SOMI) on behalf of Dutch parents. Foundation representative Cor Wijtvliet said that they decided to go to court after regulators did not take enough action against TikTok.

VIOLATIONS OF LAWS 10 Year Old Girl Died

In a lawsuit involving more than 1 million child users in the Netherlands, it was argued that TikTok collects data from children so that they can view targeted ads without asking for appropriate permission. The plaintiffs also stated that it was not disclosed for what purpose these data were collected. The plaintiffs also pointed out that children have died in some countries of the world as users force each other to do dangerous things, arguing that TikTok is not doing enough to protect children.

A 10 Year Old Girl Died

The petition also included the 10-year-old girl in Italy earlier this year. They emphasized that a girl died due to a dangerous challenge on TikTok. They noted that while users under the age of 13 normally do not have permission, TikTok does not properly control this. The social media platform, on the other hand, argues that they do too much to keep underage users safe. A TikTok spokesperson told Dutch media that protecting users’ privacy and security is their top priority.


TikTok previously set the accounts of users aged 13-15 as “private”. They then explained that Tiktok automatically blocked them from seeing the videos. TikTok states that it blocks inappropriate videos for children and also reports images that disturb the user.


At the end of April, families in England filed a lawsuit against TikTok with similar claims. Anne Longfield, a former member of the UK’s Children’s Commission, filed a lawsuit. TikTok’s phone numbers, videos, location, and biometric information, etc. allegedly collected data “without adequate warning”. Parents say that TikTok has not been transparent enough when collecting this information. They say they can’t get the permits laws to require. They also claim that they do not inform parents and children about how users will use this information.