Spy Gadgets of CIA

Spy Gadgets

While these spy gadgets, which are placed on the body or included in any object, record the people, on the other hand, those who are recorded are often not even aware of the spying. Here are the spy gadgets around us that astonish those who see them.

  1. Camera that can fit inside the cigarette pack
spy gadgets cigaratte

This Tessina camera, which can fit inside a Parliament box, was a very important technology for CIA missions in the 60s. The reason why the CIA preferred Tessina cameras was that this company produced the smallest and quietest cameras of the time. Of course, it doesn’t make sense now that we all have such small cameras in our hands.

  1. A pipe with a radio inside
spy gadgets, caramelnews.com

Used in the 1960s, this pipe contains a radio receiver. The sound received from the open part of the pipe reaches the ear canal through the jawbone. Yes, impressive; but you haven’t seen anything yet.

  1. Pointed stash
spy gadgets CIA

Since communication between agents is always a risky matter, the CIA designed this conical container in the 1960s, in which film and various documents could be stored. After placing the necessary documents in it, one of the agents buries the container at a predetermined point, and then another agent retrieves the documents from this point, thus eliminating the risks of direct communication between the agents.

  1. Pigeon carrying a message
spy gadgets CIA, caramelnews.com

During World War II, agents used to attach these cameras, which were quite light compared to the technology of the time, to pigeons, enabling them to fly to the target and taking hundreds of photos of the enemy forces. The reason they used pigeons for this job was not to be noticed and to get better quality photos because pigeons can fly much lower than airplanes. However, these photos taken during the war are still kept very secret.

  1. Spy dragonfly
old spy gadgets

Designed by the CIA in the 1970s, this dragonfly has a microphone the size of a pinhead inside its head. This device, which can be controlled by remote control, can hover in the air for about a minute and can fly 200 meters at this time.

  1. Enemy detecting tools
old CIA spy gadgets

These tools, designed to blend into the soil and not be noticed, have the ability to detect enemy movement from a distance of 300 meters. These devices, which were used by US agents during the Cold War, took on the task of detecting vibrations from afar and transmitting information to CIA agents by radio signals.

  1. Compass with magnifying glass
spy gadgets old

This compass, which was started to be used by the CIA in the 1950s, had a lens on the front that served as a magnifying glass, unlike normal compasses. Inside this compass, there was also a system that made it glow in the dark.

  1. Powder coat showing secret codes
spy gadgets for woman

This technology, designed in the form of a powder coat, was used to show some secret codes to the agents when the mirror was held at a certain angle.

  1. Hollow coin
spy gadgets coin

This may seem like a small container to you, but this empty $1 coin was a great help in conveying messages to agents. Seen from the outside as just a coin, agents were able to exchange information between themselves without arousing suspicion.

  1. Robot fish “Charlie”
spy gadgets robo fish charlie

This robot fish named ‘Charlie’ was invented by the CIA in the 1990s to detect enemy ships in the seas. This catfish, which can be controlled by remote control, has a sensitive microphone and a propulsion system in its tail.

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