spiritual ascension diet

Perhaps one of the best things you can do for your soul is to put it on a diet. Because no matter how good the diet is for our body, sometimes we need to diet for our soul. The most important of these diets is the spiritual ascension diet. Weight in our body bothers us and we diet. If the negatives in your soul bother you, then you should make a diet for your soul as well.

spiritual ascension diet

The ascension of the soul also affects our body. Soul and body are almost one. If the soul does not feel well, the body cannot be well. If there is a disease or ailment in the body, it can also affect our soul. So we should take good care of both. Just as we want to be fit for our body and we are on a diet. A spiritual ascension diet is extremely important for a healthy soul.

To apply this diet, you must learn how to deal with your ego. In fact, many negative energies that affect our souls come from the torments of conscience. The biggest cause of the torments of conscience is our ego. You want to eat food very much, but you are on a diet, the pleasure you get when you eat that food will turn into a guilty conscience. It is our nafs that causes this torment of conscience. In order to apply a diet for our soul, we must suppress the hunger of our soul.

Man is a hungry creature.

Man is a creature that is both hungry and hungry. You should never forget this. The worse for your stomach, the more fatty foods you eat, the more your arteries become clogged and your body gets tired. Likewise, when you do bad things for the soul, your soul starts to get tired. To avoid these, you should do meditations. Whenever you feel like you can’t control yourself, you should resort to meditation. If you find yourself more naive for meditation, there are other techniques. For example, you should rest, you should dream. Anyone can do these. Even when you prepare your bathroom and relax in your bathtub, you are actually meditating.

We can only open our chakras through meditation. Meditation takes us on journeys within ourselves. Here you are in reckoning with yourself. If you can prevent your greed, jealousy, and all negative emotions, then you will be able to open your chakras gradually. Spiritual ascension diet
kind of helps you with that. You have to get rid of worldliness. You should forget the troubles of the world and focus on your soul.