SOPHIE passed away


Scottish musician SOPHIE passed away.

The singer, songwriter, music producer, and DJ, who made groundbreaking works, passed away on Saturday, September 30 in Athens.

According to the statement made by SOPHIE’s work team to Mixmag, the artist passed away as a result of an unexpected accident.

The shared explanation is as follows:

“With deep sadness, I would like to report that musician and producer SOPHIE died in a sudden accident in Athens where he lived. Respect and privacy are our priority for his family right now. We also ask for your sensitivity for the fans of the artist and for the sensitivity of this unexpected development. “

“SOPHIE was one of the pioneers of the innovative approach to music and one of the most inspiring artists of the last decade. He was a very different name not only with his masterful productions and creativity, but also with his message and noticeability. It was the symbol of freedom. “

The record company Transgressive, which released the first album of the artist, “Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides”, said in a statement on its Twitter account that SOPHIE had slipped from the height it was trying to climb while trying to watch the full moon.

SOPHIE, born in Glasgow, Numbers. and Huntleys & Palmers, and released his first album “Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides” in 2018. The album was nominated for the Grammy award in the “best dance-electronic album” category in 2019. In early January, Autechre remixed SOPHIE’s 2013 production “BIPP”.

SOPHIE’s experimental approach to pop music and vocal modulation questioning gender identity created a pioneering trend.

Speaking to Billboard in 2018, the artist said, “Being trans means ensuring the harmony between your body and soul. Thanks to this harmony, these two don’t fight each other to survive. “When you are free from the social pressures that impose the obligation to fulfill some traditional roles based on gender, you can get closer to feeling your essence within you.”

SOPHIE was one of the names behind Madonna’s song “Bitch I’m Madonna” released in 2015 and featuring Nicki Minaj’s vocals. The artist has also been involved in joint projects with many artists, including AG Cook, Charli XCX, and rap artist Vince Staples.