Report of sexual abuse in churches! At least 10 thousand children


Report of sexual abuse in churches! The Commission for Investigating Sexual Abuse in Churches (CIASE) announced that at least 10,000 children in France have been sexually abused in churches since 1950.

The data in the report presented by CIASE President Jean-Marc Sauve was obtained from the archives and testimony of the psychopath.

The report, in which the statements of 6,500 people were collected by the Investigation Commission, also included victims who lost their lives and those who were sexually abused and did not want to talk.

Report of sexual abuse in churches

The report noted that more than 10,000 children in the country have been victims of pedophile priests since 1950.

When CIASE was established in 2018, it was stated that the victims of abuse could be around 3,000. Sauve said in June that the number of pedophile priests could be more than 1500. The final version of the report will be published in October.