RUSSIA UKRAINE Last Minute: The USA is Sending 2 Warships To The Black Sea Next Week!

Last minute: Military tension between Russia and Ukraine is escalating. According to all these, the two countries continue to build up military forces on the borders of the separatist Donbas region. The USA, on the other hand, decided to send 2 warships to the Black Sea next week. They did notice transitions to Turkey. Turkey explanation came from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to the statement, the notification was 15 days ago, he announced that the ships will be in the Black Sea until May 4.

Four Ukrainian soldiers were killed in Donbas’s Şumı region on 26 March as a result of the fire opened by the pro-Russian separatists. He said that the pro-Russian separatists are beginning to violate the ceasefire. After these, a statement came from the Kremlin. Russia declared, “We are worried that a provocative move that Ukraine can take one way or another could lead to war.” While the two countries continued military shipments to the Donbass region, where they were preparing for an operation, the number of soldiers on the border line exceeded 200 thousand.


The US military, on the other hand, stated that it was considering sending warships to the Black Sea in order to show its support for Ukraine, which is growing tensions with Russia.

After the developments, the USA decided to send two warships to the region. US statement also made the transition to the Black Sea to Turkey for it. Turkey made a statement on the Foreign Ministry said. Turkey “in accordance with the by you to our Montreux Convention, made a statement 2 that they would go to the Black Sea of ​​US warships. US 15 days to notify the pre diplomatic channels. Ships 4 will remain in the Black Sea until May,” he said.


White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki spoke at a recent press briefing. He once again expressed his concerns about Russia’s deployment of troops on the Ukrainian border. He announced that they were meeting with NATO allies on this issue.


Ukrainian Chief of General Staff Ruslan Homçak made a speech at the parliament on 30 March. He stated that Russia was sending troops near the borders of Ukraine on the pretext of an exercise. Regarding the solution to the crisis in the Donbas region. The Trilateral Contact Group, consisting of Russia. Ukraine and the OSCE had made a comprehensive ceasefire decision on 27 July 2020. More than 13,000 people have lost their lives in the clashes between the pro-Russian separatists, who declared their so-called independence in the region, and the Kyiv administration since 2014.