resource diabet

Resource diabet, which is among the miracle foods developed by Nestle Health Science, is a very important food supplement. Patients with digestive and glucose metabolism disorders generally use it. In addition, you can use it in cases such as absorption and malnutrition problems. It contains high protein and soluble fiber. It is a medicinal food. If you have one of the above health problems, you can consider using it. If you are allergic to any ingredient in this food, you should avoid it.

resource diabet

The usage areas of resource diabet are quite wide. It is a supplement that you can use for many digestive ailments. Since it is a medicinal food, it would be more appropriate for those who have health problems to use it. Sometimes the doctors you talk to can recommend you this medicinal food. If you suffer from problems such as digestion, malnutrition, and absorption, you can talk to your doctor about this medicinal food. The medical food developed by Nestle Health Science for these ailments can support you in terms of your health problems. The high protein and soluble fibers in it also help you maintain your health.

Of course, you cannot prevent your disease by using only resource diabet. First of all, you should consult a specialist doctor and know what your ailment is. If your doctor recommends, you can consume this supplement. To avoid an allergic reaction to the ingredients, you can have an allergy test done.

How much should you use per day and its content?

Doctors recommend using this medicinal food more as a supplement. When you use it this way, you can use between 200 ml and 600 ml per day. However, when you use it as a sole source of nutrition, you should definitely consult your doctor. After consulting your doctor, you should adjust the dose as told by him. You should use resource diabet under medical supervision. Also, you should not use it on your own. You should definitely see a doctor.

Keep away from children under 3 years old. You can usually use it orally, but you can also use it with a tube when necessary. It is not suitable for parenteral use. Contains sugar (isomaltulose) substance. You have to be more careful as it contains sweeteners.

First of all, resource diabetes does not contain gluten. It contains 28% protein, 24% fat, 44% carbohydrates, 4% fiber. May contain lactose, milk, and soy lecithin. You should use it carefully against allergic reactions.