8 Things You Should Know About Regé-Jean Page

We’ve listed eight things you need to know about Simon Basset. His real name is Regé Jean Page, of Netflix’s British period drama “Bridgerton.” Did you know he’s a complete coffee addict?

Bridgerton is based on the novel by American author Julia Quinn. 60 million people watched the series. The series deals with 1800s England, palace intrigues, and period clothing. “Bridgerton” has reached a considerable fan base. Regé-Jean Page has become one of the most sought-after names in “Bridgerton”. We’ve listed eight things you need to know about him, whose elegance and gentleness stole hearts.

Who is Regé Jean Page?

Our 31-year-old actor was born in Zimbabwe but moved to London when he was 14 years old. He studied acting at the Drama Center in London and graduated in 2013. Graduates of the school include names such as Michael Fassbender, Gemma Chan, Emilia Clarke, Luke Evans, and Russell Brand. Regé Jean Page, who took place in different countries throughout his childhood, said, “I have family in South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Grenada, and Florida. Different countries help you improve your perspective, ”she says.

In Which Productions did he Participate?

You may have seen Regé-Jean Page in the production of “Bridgerton” for the first time, but the gentleman Duke of Hastings has a long list of TV series and movies. Although he is known for his roles as Chicken George in the 2016 miniseries “Roots” and Leonard Knox in the 2018 “For The People,” he has recently appeared in “Mortal Engines” and “Sylvie’s Love.”

He makes a different point in his role as him, who romantically describes his role as the Duke of Hastings in “Bridgerton”: “I think we are at a point in history where people see themselves as feminists in the sense that we believe in gender equality. So how can we reflect this agenda to the stance of the series? To reflect that for me, a romantic male is in the lead role. ” He even worked with Shonda Rhimes, with whom he worked on “Bridgerton”, on the “For The People” series.

Does Have an Instagram Account?

He, featured on Instagram with the username @regejean, has nearly 2.5 million followers and actively uses social media. Moving between London and Los Angeles, Regé-Jean Page appeared in a short scene early in his career in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part I. She appeared in the Harry Potter series for such a short time that IMDb did not refer to this performance.

Did You Know Regé Jean Page Founded A Punk Music Band With His Brother During His Student Years?

Did you know that Regé-Jean Page has talent not only in acting and dance, but also in music? Regé-Jean Page, who founded a punk band called Tunya with his brother during his student years in London, says about those years, “We were writing loud, angry and honest guitar music and we were shouting at people with various colors in our hair.”

Is Regé Jean Page Single?

One of the most sought-after questions about the handsome Duke of Hastings, whose hearts stole, was “Is he single?” The 1.83-meter Regé-Jean Page is single. He was also a big fan of Robert Downey Jr. His favorite movie is “Iron Man.” Maybe we’ll see him in a Marvel series in the future, what do you think?

Regé-Jean Page’s Childhood Dream Was Being an Explorer When He Grew Up…

Regé-Jean Page describes his biggest childhood dream as being an explorer when he grows up. “It can be wonderful to discover things to do in the world, to navigate the unknown. And when you get home they say to everyone, ‘Look! “The world is bigger than you think,” he says. He didn’t become an explorer, but he says that acting is the closest profession to being an explorer. Regé-Jean Page said of his profession, “One day I can become an astronaut and the next day president. The next day, I can go back 200 years. This is a truly liberating profession. “It’s a great way to spend your time as a human being, to learn about other people and then share that information.”

An Inexcusable Romance

The gentlemanly and romantic attitude of “Bridgerton “‘s Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset, is also in Regé-Jean Page’s DNA. “I’m a big fan of romance as a concept. Romance is a wonderful thing and we need more in the world. “Much of what lies at its core are love stories anyway, whether they are aware of it or not. He also took private lessons for “Bridgerton” in many physical skills, from horse riding to dancing. Can we call himself a true Renaissance man?

He’s a Totally Coffee Addict

“When I work, I am a caffeine entity,” says Regé-Jean Page, a total coffee addict. He himself admits that this feature is a weakness. It’s our little flaws that make us who we are, right?