In The Simplest Terms, What Does Quantum Physics Do?

Quantum physics, at least for the moment, does not work on objects that we encounter in everyday life. We can see the field we call quantum as a different world. The laws of physics we know do not work in this area. For this reason, quantum physicists mostly continue their work in the field of quantum through mathematical operations.

Among the principles of quantum physics, the most striking principle is uncertainty. Something may or may not happen, or it can be both. This definition might be like the words of someone talking about something they don’t understand. However, it has been proven that the substance can occur in different situations at the same time. Thus, we have to accept this meaningless definition as a scientific fact.

What Is Quantum Physics?

So what is the purpose of the quantum physics study? If we can solve atoms in different states at the same time. We can predict the motion of an atom outside of the uncertainty principle. If we can understand briefly what is happening in this small world, we can easily say that it will be there. It is no longer a mystery in the universe. In our real life, we may encounter science fiction scenarios such as the formation process of the world, time travel, travel at the speed of light, and more.

For those who are wondering, we have answered the question of what quantum physics is. We also explained the details you need to know about quantum physics with the simplest explanation. As we have said, it is quite difficult to explain the subject in a few sentences, even for those who are experts in this field. You can read scientific articles describing different theories based on the information you have obtained here. You can have much more detailed information about the subject.