The collection of letters written by Princess Diana, which has been preserved for nearly twenty years, was sold for $ 113 thousand in an auction last week! The letters that Princess Diana wrote to her friend Roger Bramble between 1990 and 1997 had been hidden for a long time. Now, as Princess Diana becomes an icon again with Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ series, the Bramble family hopes we see a different side of Lady Di with these letters. 

“We were concerned that Diana’s current projections might be an accepted depiction in the public mind. We believe that these letters reveal that Princess Diana is a compassionate, cultured, and wonderful person and that only these letters can be credited when they are spread over a wider spectrum. ”The Bramble family emphasizes that you will see the real her with the letters. 

In the letters describing Diana’s separation from Prince Charles, her mental health struggle, and her troubles with the press, the more funny and humorous side of the Princess also stands out. “I hope your arrival at Westminster Abbey happened before the arrival of the Boss, if not, I would expect the reason to be stated myself,” wrote Princess Diana, Queen II. The letter dated October 19, 1995, which he addressed to Elizabeth as ‘The Boss’, was sold for $ 12,000, making it one of the most striking letters of the auction.

In another letter, Diana thanked Bramble for “a very pleasant distraction” in dealing with the divorce process from Charles, as well as the “terrible” coming after the publication of Andrew Morton’s biography, ‘Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words. tells about a week “.

All proceeds from the auction, which received participants from all over the world, are donated to institutions such as the ‘English National Ballet’, ” Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra, ” Opera Rara ‘and’ Benesh International Endowment Fund ‘with which Princess Diana works. 

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