White House: North Korea launches first ballistic missile under Joe Biden


White House officials announced that they found that North Korea conducted several range missile tests last weekend. While the authorities did not give more details on the tests, they said, “We do not think this is an activity that closes the doors.”

The White House announced that North Korea was conducting short-range missile tests last weekend.

North Korea responded to the visits of US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Japan and South Korea.

The US officials, who made a statement to journalists in the White House by teleconference and did not want their names to be announced, confirmed the news in the media and announced that they determined that they were conducting several short-range missile tests.

The officials stated that the cruise missile-type missiles are not the missiles under the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolutions taken to deter North Korea from its nuclear weapons.

US officials did not provide any further details regarding the tests in question.

Asked whether this step closes the diplomacy door between Washington and Pyongyang, one of the officials said, “We don’t think this is an activity that closes the doors.” gave the answer.


These tests are important as they are the first missiles launched by North Korea after US President Joe Biden took office.

It is also rumored that Pyongyang gave the message that, with these tests, the Biden administration did not consider the proposal to solve the nuclear problem in the Korean Peninsula through diplomatic negotiations.

While the Biden administration is reviewing US policy towards Kim Jong-un, it is allegedly consulting with the officials of former President Donald Trump.

Kim Yo Jong, sister of Kim Jong-un, made a statement right before Austin and Blinken visit Asia, saying, “If the US wants to sleep comfortably in its bed, it should avoid emitting bad smells. He had threatened.