Most Valuable Pokemon Cards in the Gaming World

Most Valuable Pokemon Cards in the Gaming World. How about taking a closer look at the 10 most valuable cards and their astonishing sales prices of Pokemon, the favorite of the game world?

Pokemon is a successful video game in Japan. Pokemon, which initially appeared as a game, later appeared on the market in the form of comics and anime. In 1995, Satoshi Tajiri created the pokemon. It is obvious that the game has a considerable fan base all over the world. The game, which came to the USA in 1999, would soon talk about its success. Soon after, video games, as well as playing cards, met with the fan base. Looking at the market, you can see that the interest in Pokemon cards is increasing.

There are even prices approaching $400,000 for well-maintained cards. Pokemon, which has a huge fan base almost all over the world, is a source of inspiration for many products and always maintains its place on the agenda with its popular game cards. All over the world these cards are also available in different languages. Let’s take a closer look at Pokemon, which is the favorite of the game world, and the most valuable pokemon cards. Here are the most valuable pokemon cards.

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1. Pikachu Illustrator / $250,000 Pokemon Card

First on our list is Pikachu Illustrator, one of the oldest cards in the Pokémon series. The card was first presented as a promotional card to the finalists of an illustration competition held in 1998. They printed about 39 copies of the card. A copy sold for $54,970 in 2016. The rare card currently has a market value of around $250,000.

2. Shadowless Holo Charizard / $507,000 Pokemon Card

If you’ve watched Pokemon, you’re familiar with the characters. One of the most loved Pokemon characters was undoubtedly Charizard. Charizard’s card first appeared in 1999. 20 years later, someone bought the card on eBay for $507,000.

3. Master’s Key Prize Card / $22,000 Pokemon Card

It is known that there are only 34 copies of the Master’s Key Prize Card, which was awarded in the 2010 Card Championship in Japan. Fewer copies allow cards to find buyers in the market at lower prices. It was recorded that one of the copy cards was bought and sold for $22,000 in November 2019.

4. Raichu / 10.000 $ Most Valuable Pokemon Cards

We continue our list with another card that is a favorite of collectors. The Raichu card is a favorite of collectors, both in terms of design and the few copies available on the market. The market value of the card, which is rarely offered for sale, is currently $ 10,000, but it is predicted that the price may increase.

5. Tropical / 70,000 $ Most Valuable Pokemon Cards

The Tropical Wind card is a Pokemon playing card produced for the Japanese market. The card was originally the entry prize of the Tropical Mega Battle, 1999 tournament. They offered $70,000 for the card with a PSA rating of 10.

6. Espeon / 22.100 $

One of the cards with a PSA rating of 10 in Espeon, a character card from 2007. The card recently fetched $22,100 on eBay. Moreover, an NFT version of the card was sold for around 28 thousand dollars.

7. Blastoise / 20.000 $ Most Valuable Pokemon Cards

The PSA rating of this 1999 card with the character of a war turtle is determined as 10. The card sold for $20,000.

8. Shining Gyarados / 12,000 $

The Shining Gyarados card from 2001, which is among the Pokemon cards, sold for around $12,000 on eBay. Let us remind you that it is one of the valuable cards with few copies.

9. Giovanni’s Scheme / 10,100 $

The Japanese card of 2017, whose English version has not been released, is one of the most sought after by collectors. We have to say there is an excellent Pokemon card selling for $10,100 on eBay.

10. Umbreon Holo / 5150 $

We end our list with Umbreon from 2003. The card is among the Pokemon cards, which find buyers for $5150 and become more valuable as they age.