Messi 500 million Euros


Contrary to what is thought, a large figure such as 500 million Euros, not 250, should be discarded to transfer Barcelona’s star football player Lionel Messi.

Speaking of the claims that Manchester City will offer 200 million Euros for Messi, which has a release clause of 250 million Euros in his contract, the latest figure revealed how difficult it is to transfer the Argentine football player.

The Barcelona Club, which announced the cost of Messi’s release as 250 million Euros on September 18, 2009, extended its contract with the star football player until June 2018. At the end of the season, the club was getting ready to raise Messi’s annual salary to 20 million Euros, and a claim made it almost astonished.

It was stated that the club that will transfer Messi will have to pay 250 million Euros of testimonial and 25 million Euros annual fee, and this figure will reveal a total of 250 million Euros together with taxes, commitments, and other payments for 5 years of signature. In short, the cost of signing Messi for 5 years will be 500 million Euros.

The report in Sport Newspaper, known for its closeness to the Barcelona Club, claimed that the clubs who want to transfer the Argentine Lionel Messi should “sacrifice 500 million euros”.

Referring to the news on some websites that Manchester City is “ready to give 200 million euros” for Messi, the report in the Sport Newspaper stated that the Catalan team would not accept any transfer meeting regarding Messi.

In the news, which emphasized that those who want to buy the Argentine football player “must carry out an operation of 500 million euros”, “Messi’s unilateral termination of his contract costs 250 million euros. If he makes a 5-year contract, he will have to pay another amount. Because Messi is net 25 million per year. The euro is paid, “it was said.  

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