Marvel Legends Hulkbuster, Tony Stark’s Mark XLIV

Marvel Legends Hulkbuster is among the favorite toys of children. It’s every Marvel-loving kid’s dream to have this figure since it’s both big and flashy and as technological as the Iron Man armor. Of course, Hulk and Tony Stark’s adoration is behind the Hulkbuster’s popularity.

Marvel Legends Hulkbuster

Hulkbuster, which first appeared before the audience in Age of Ultron, consists of a giant robot developed by Tony Stark. This costume, which stunned the audience on the screen, was created by Tony Stark to stop and capture the Hulk.

In the Hulk Age of Ultron movie, under the influence of Scarlet Witch, it gets out of control for a moment and cannot control her nerves. This is where the Hulkbuster suit, developed for these situations, comes into play. Tony Stark dons the Hulkbuster as soon as Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk and spirals out of control.

The audience sees the Hulkbuster armor for the first time during this time. Children love the armor, which is the inspiration for the Marvel Legends Hulkbuster figure. This new costume is so powerful that it’s almost even stronger than Tony Stark’s own armor. Stark finally succeeds in stopping the Hulk.

Hulkbuster Baf
HulkBuster Figure

Among the children’s favorite Marvel Legends figures are of course the Hulk and Ironman. But another Marvel Legends figure, the Hulkbuster, has once become one of the children’s favorite and most wanted figures from their families. In particular, the Marvel Legends Hulkbuster figure, which was released with the release of the Age of Ultron movie, sold out in a short time. The stock shortage has begun.

Age Of Ultron One Of The MCU’s Best Movies

With the Age Of Ultron movie, we encounter many new characters and events. This movie also contributed to the increase in sales of Marvel Legends figures. The characters that the main Age Of Ultron movie brought us are Vision, Ultron, Hulkbuster, Scarlet Witch, Silver Surfer.

Age Of Ultron is perhaps one of the most successful works of the MCU in cinema, according to many authorities. A villain like Ultron is among the truly rare characters in comic book history. His motivation is extremely strong.

This artificial intelligence, which consists entirely of software and machines, has put a lot of pressure on the Avengers team. Moreover, Wanda and Silver Surfer also fought against the Avengers.

Hulkbuster in Age Of Ultron

Those who are familiar with comics before will know. The Hulkbuster is seen for the first time in the Age of Ultron series. Later, the Hulkbuster armor was used many times by the Avengers.

Hulk and Hulkbuster 2 Pack Marvel Legends
HulkBuster and Hulk figures

This costume has appeared many times in comics and cartoons. The armor designed for Steve Rogers in What If is very similar.

Although the main feature of this armor is to stop the Hulk, it was also used many times by Bruce Banner in the future due to the problems Bruce Banner had with the Hulk. Bruce Banner first wore this armor in the movie Infinity War. In the Infinity War movie, we see that Bruce Banner could not turn into a Hulk despite trying many times. You can see Hulkbuster in Age of Ultron and Infinity War movies.

Mark XLIV, Hulkbuster Features

The Hulkbuster can be called Extra Heavy-Duty Modular Armor. As we can see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the costume is very similar to the Hulkbuster design in the comics. The Hulkbuster is exactly 3 feet taller than the Hulk.

Mark XLIV was an Iron Man suit with repulsor boots, a particle beam system, and a bunch of arc reactors. Hulkbuster had the J.A.R.V.I.S system like all other Tony Stark armors. The material of the armor is made of gold-titanium alloy.

To talk about Hulkbuster weapons; It has weapons such as Repulsors, Unibeam, Hydraulic Micro-Punching Repeater, Missiles, Seductive Gas. Of course, many of his weapons, like the Seductive Gas, are designed to stop the Hulk. But later on, the armor will be developed by Tony Stark for use in battles.