map building board game

Map building is extremely important in board game. It directly affects the flow of the game. The characters must have a map before their journey. Without a certain map in the game, it is never clear where the story will go. So that doesn’t make that game an FRP. It makes a game where everything comes out randomly. A story must have a map. DMs should create these maps. The map is one of the most important factors for the character’s journey.

map building board game

A DM must create a map for his game. Map building board game is very important thing to do. Perhaps, first of all, it would be best for the game maker to draw a map. Consider a game. Let this game be a computer game. Do you think you can progress in a computer game without a map? The answer is of course no. Because then the character won’t have a place to stand. There is no place. Space creation is also extremely important, even if it is a board game. If you are going to create a space instantly, you may enter a vicious circle this time. The story may not end. That’s why you should do map building for Board game before you write anything about the game.

Drawing a map will form the outline of the game before the characters even design the story. You can play with the story later on the map. Maps should run parallel to the stories. You can edit your maps later. Of course, it will not always remain as the first drawing. Board game map building should always be open to development. In this way, it can enrich your story even more. Board games with a good map are always more fluid and full of excitement.

What to do to create a map?

First of all, before you even write the story, you must fit it into a place. The story doesn’t make sense on its own. For this, concepts such as time and space are needed. Time and space are inseparable parts of each other. Even if the story doesn’t quite fit in your head, rest assured that once you determine the time and place, the rest will come. Because if you’re making a map building board game, you don’t write the story first. This gives a bad result. It sounds more like you’re trying to patch the map onto the story. Therefore, they must all proceed as a whole. It should not come before any of them. Of course, you should first pay attention to the concepts of time.