make permanent with a pen

Permanent pencils work great on paper or any field surface. They are especially useful for taking notes. If you want to make permanent with a pen, this type of pen is quite suitable. You can generally use it on paper. But it can be useful in glass, skin, wooden surfaces, in many areas. It is also a suitable type of pencil for carpentry.

make permanent with a pen

It is an ideal type of pen for permanent writing on an object. If you are dealing with carpentry, it is one of the items you should use. It is very important to make something permanent with a pen while working. You can mark what you need to do at which point with these pens. Or you can highlight important places with a permanent pen while taking notes. It is a pen that can be useful in many fields. If you are into carpentry, you can place markers with this pen after adjusting the dimensions. In this way, you can work more economically.

This type of pen is completely waterproof. Because it is waterproof, it is used by everyone in many work areas. There is one, the ink prime carrier. It contains solvent, glyceride, pyrrolidone, resin and colorant. Thus, these components make the ink water-resistant. This ink allows you to work on many surfaces. Among them; There are also materials such as metal, stone, paper, wood. Thickness sizes are also available. You can choose the thin or thick one according to your working area. The inventor of the permanent pen is Sidney Rosenthal. After Rosenthal invented the pen in 1952, everyone started using the pen in many fields.

Which surfaces is the pen for?

Indeed, the answer to this question is so broad. The usage area of ​​the permanent pen is very wide. As such, it will work on many surfaces. Its biggest advantage is that it consists of waterproof, durable components. In this way, it is possible to use this pen on many objects such as metal, stone, paper, wood, etc. In many areas, they are completely permanent. But they are semi-permanent on plastic surfaces. Because they can be wiped by rubbing on plastic surfaces.

You should wait a while after writing on surfaces such as CD/DVD. Because the pen’s ink may leak. If you want to make it permanent on CD/DVD surfaces with a pen, you have to wait for a while. Once the ink is well adhered to the surface, it will not come off easily. But after using the pen, you can easily erase the ink before the ink sticks. That’s why you have to be careful.