Lana Del Rey’s quarantine weights

American musician Lana Del Rey was on the agenda with her weight. The lenses were on Lana Del Rey last week. The weight that the 35-year-old singer gained during the quarantine period drew attention.

She, one of the most important names in the pop world in recent years, was in Beverly Hills the day before. Rey surprised her fans with her latest appearance.

The weight gained by the singer, who remained inactive during the quarantine period, did not go unnoticed. When the reporters viewed him, Lana Del Rey, who quickly turned towards his car, left the questions unanswered.

Wearing a white T-shirt over his black shorts, the singer preferred a mask that matched his clothing. Rey’s image was also on the agenda of social media.

Lana Del Rey Got Engaged

Clayton Johnson, who has been with Del Rey for a short time, announced their engagement last February. The couple has been together since August last year.

Lana Dey Rey and Clayton Johnson’s love interest surfaced on social media. According to the news of People magazine; Lana Dey Rey met her fiance Johnson through a dating app.

Clayton Johnson, model and musician who stole Lana Del Rey’s heart. The couple announced this relationship, which their fans have been talking about for a long time, through a social media post.

The singer met 32-year-old Clayton Johnson through a dating app. The couple is now preparing to join their lives formally. Lana Del Rey’s fiancee, Clayton Johnson, was a member of the band called The Johnsons.