Kawai Kdp80 Digital Piano Review

kawai kdp80 digital piano review

One of the most popular digital pianos is the Kawai kdp80. Digital pianos have many advantages over regular acoustic pianos. The only downside is that it may not feel the same. Because digital pianos are highly advanced instruments and they have the technology to detect finger sensitivity. We will talk about its features in the Kawai kdp80 digital piano review.

Kawai kdp80 digital piano review

We can say that the Kawai kdp80 digital piano is a complete price-performance product. A digital piano that can take you from entry-level to almost professional level. It is an instrument that you will want to sit by all the time with its easy use and headphone jack. You won’t even realize how time flies after you sit on it.

This digital piano has 88 keys, just like acoustic pianos. It is a key system powered by the Advanced Hammer Action IV-F mechanism. Thus, it will easily feel the pressure on the key and give the right sound. There are exactly 15 sounds. These sounds; Concert Grand Concert Grand2 Studio Grand Moden Piano Classic E. Piano Modern E. Piano Jazz Organ Chuch Organ Harpsichord Vibraphone String Ensemble Slow Strings Choir New Age Pad Atmosphere.

To talk about the pedals, there are three pedals. Damper, Sostenuto, and soft. It has a recorder. The piano has a sliding cover. It has systems such as Transpose tuning, Volume damper effect. It comes with demo songs. Since it weighs 37 kilograms, you can easily carry it wherever you want.

Appearance and more

Its appearance is quite pleasant and has a rustic feel. There are different options. Among them; There are also options such as black, rosewood, white. You can choose whichever you think will suit your home best. Since it has a digital system itself, its size is also quite small. It has no wires so it has a smaller size. Another feature we should mention in the Kawai kdp80 digital piano review is its dimensions. Dimensions: Width: 136 cm, Depth: 40 cm, Height: 85 cm. It has dimensions that an adult can easily sit and play. Of course, children can also play without difficulty. An instrument for people of all ages.

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