US President Joe Biden Made His First Speech In Congress

Joe Biden’s full speech. US President Joe Biden made his first speech in Congress. He talked about the spending package for education, childcare, and families, the path taken in the fight against Covid-19. He also explained the details of American foreign policy.

Biden addressed the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives at the joint session of the Congress for the first time since January 20, 2021.

Biden pointed out that many presidents came to this podium and talked about issues such as declaration of war, peace celebration, new plans and possibilities. “I came here today to talk about the crisis and the opportunities. I came to talk about rebuilding our country and reviving our democracy.” he spoke.

Biden emphasized that he gave this speech on the eve of his 100th day in office. He said they are currently facing the worst epidemic of the century and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

“Now on my 100th day in office, I can tell my country that America is on the move again. he spoke.

Joe Biden Speech Biden explained his wars against the virus

First, he promised 100 million Kovid-19 vaccines in his first 100 days on duty. Emphasizing that 220 million doses of vaccine had been shot so far, Biden emphasized that they mobilized all the possibilities of the country for vaccination.

Biden underlined that despite all the success they have achieved, they should not lower their guard against the virus at the moment. “But tonight, I can tell you that in one of the worst epidemics in our history in the last 100 years, we have achieved the biggest logistical success our country has ever seen.” said.

“We are not after a conflict with China”

Biden stated that they also made important promises regarding foreign policy. “I will make sure that all countries, including China, are playing by the same rules in the global economy. I told him in a telephone conversation with Chinese President Xi (Cinping). We welcome competition and are not looking for conflict. ” used the expression.

Biden stated that they will continue to defend America’s interests all over the world. “I informed Shi’a that our strong military presence in the Indo-Pacific region is just like NATO soldiers in Europe, our intention is not to start a conflict, but to prevent a conflict.” shared his knowledge.

Biden also underlined that the United States will continue to defend human rights and fundamental freedoms. “No responsible American president can remain silent when fundamental human rights are violated.” used the expression.

Joe Biden Speech “Cooperation” message to Russia

Biden said in a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin that they were not after a conflict. However, he said that he said his actions would have a consequence. “We have responded proportionally to Russia’s intervention in our elections, to the cyber attack on our government and our businesses. We can only cooperate when it comes to our common interests. Putin understood very well that we will give the necessary answers.” he spoke.

Biden underlined that Iran and North Korea’s nuclear programs pose a serious threat to the world. “We will work closely with our allies to combat the threats posed by these countries, with diplomacy and absolute determination,” he spoke.

“It’s time to go home” message for soldiers in Afghanistan

Biden underlined that the United States currently has one of the largest war powers in the world. “American leadership means ending the eternal war in Afghanistan.” said.

Biden stated that they went to Afghanistan to hold back the September 11 attacks. “We have provided justice to Osama Bin Laden and reduced the terrorist threat of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. After 20 years of heroism and sacrifice, it’s time to bring the soldiers of our country home.” used the expression.

“White racism is terrorism and we cannot ignore it”

Biden emphasized that terrorist threats are currently happening in many parts of the world and the United States continues its determination to fight it. “We cannot ignore the decision of our intelligence agencies. Today, the biggest terrorist threat to our homeland is white racism. White racism is terrorism and we cannot ignore it. Americans, we must come together to heal the spirit of our country. ” made a call.

Referring to the racial equality debates in the country, Biden said, “We must get together now. We must come together again to root out systematic racism in our criminal justice system, to restore trust between our security forces and the communities they serve. ” used the expression.

“I will do my best to protect the American people from this armed violence epidemic.” Stating that they will also try to close the legal gaps in the sale of weapons, Biden said, “I don’t have to tell anyone that, but armed violence is an epidemic in this country.” he spoke.

Biden noted that they have taken important steps in banning semi-automatic weapons and criminal record. “I will do my best to protect the American people from this pandemic of gun violence. Now is the time for Congress to act. ” made its evaluation.

“Let’s end the tiring war on immigration”

Biden pointed out that the issue of immigration has always been one of the most important issues in the USA. “Let’s end the grueling war on immigration. For more than 30 years, politicians have been talking about immigration reform, but nothing is being done. Now is the time to fix that. ” said.

Emphasizing that they will use all means to protect American democracy, Biden said, “Autocracies can never win the future. America will win. The future will be America. ” gave his message.

Biden stated that the American Employment Plan will help businesses thrive in the 21st century economy. He explained that the plan would get millions of people back to their jobs.

Announced the American Families Plan

Biden emphasized that for the future, families and children should also be invested in. “That’s why I am presenting the American Families Plan, which addresses the 4 biggest problems facing American families today.” said.

Stating that the American Families Plan will enable access to good education, Biden stated that the plan will also provide access to quality and affordable childcare.

Biden explained that with the plan, up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave will also be provided, and millions of families will receive direct cash assistance.

Biden also touched on how these plans will be financed. He noted that this can be done without increasing budget deficits.

Joe Biden Speech”We’ll reward the work, not wealth.”

Biden underlined that no tax increase will be applied to people who earn less than $ 400,000 a year. He noted that it is time to pay their fair share of corporate companies and the richest 1 percent of America.

Biden pointed out that a recent study showed that the 55 largest companies in the country did not pay federal income taxes last year. “We will rearrange corporate taxes so that they pay their fair share, and we will help pay public investments that will benefit their businesses. We’ll reward the work, not wealth. ” said.

“For the richest 1 percent of Americans, we raise the highest tax bracket to 39.6 percent for those earning $ 400,000 or more,” Biden said. he spoke.

Pointing out that they did not punish anyone, Biden noted that they would not increase the tax burden of the middle class.