Jean Hale Passed Away

Famous actor Jean Hale, who made a name for herself with the “Batman” series that left his mark on a period, passed away at the age of 82.

Famous Hollywood actress Jean Hale passed away. The family of 82-year-old Hale announced the sad news. In the statement, it was reported that the actor died of natural causes. Jean Hale left her fans in mourning with this farewell. Everyone will remember him for his cheerful demeanor. It is known that the famous actor died of natural causes.

Jean Hale played the character of “Polly”, the accomplice of the “Mad Hatter” in the TV series “Batman”, which made a big impression on the screens in the 1960s, and fought against “Batman”.


Having acted in over 60 feature films and TV series in the 1960s and 70s, Hale began her career as a model. Later discovered by filmmakers while walking down Fifth Avenue in New York, she made her debut in “Violent Midnight” in 1963. The actor also became known worldwide with the movie “In Like Flint” in which he starred with James Coburn.

The famous star who made his way to television with the TV series “Batman”, among them “Wild Wild West”, “Perry Mason”, “Bonanza”, “The Fugitive”, “My Favorite Martian”, “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour”, “Hawaii Five-O” and He appeared in many TV series with “Mod Squad”.

Jean Hale, who also appeared in the movies “Oscar”, “The St Valentine’s Day Massacre” and “Taggart”, said goodbye to the big screen in 1991 with the movie “Lies Before Kisses”. Hale had attended the University of Utah and studied ballet.

The famous name, who is married to Emmy Award-winning actress Dabney Coleman, had three children. The couple divorced in 1984.

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