Jaguar attacked a man in the jungle

A very disastrous incident happened in Portel, Brazil, last week. Jaguar attacked a man in the jungle. The man’s name is Pedro Vaz Ferreira and he is a farmer. Allegedly, the farmer went hunting in the forest. The Jaguar, which was waiting in an ambush during the hunt, jumped on the man and started attacking him. As a result of the attacks, the farmer was blinded in one eye. The face of the farmer with the broken bones became almost unrecognizable.

Jaguar attacked a man in the jungle

Brutality took place in Portel, one of Brazil’s most densely populated areas. The farmer who fell victim to this atrocity hastily took him to the hospital. The whole village stood up after this incident. The villagers were frightened after the Jaguar attack. Worried villagers are waiting for help from the authorities. In the news that has a big place on the Brazilian agenda, farmers expressed that their agricultural life is getting harder.

Pedro Vaz Ferreira is a 67-year-old farmer. The old farmer who went out to hunt in the forest was attacked while walking through the forest. Pedro Vaz Ferreira, the victim of the news that was on the national agenda because a Jaguar attacked a man in the forest, is currently receiving treatment in the hospital. As Ferreira was walking through the forest, he suddenly fell to the ground when the Jaguar attacked him. After struggling with the animal for a while, the Jaguar defeated the farmer.

It started to attack the man’s face with his nails. He blinded one eye with his nail. It made her face almost unrecognizable. After these attacks, the old farmer screamed and asked for help. His sons, who were nearby, immediately rushed to the scene to cry for help. His sons Davi and Josue had to watch their father helplessly. After a while, they managed to drive the jaguar away.

The farmer is blind in one eye

Doctors treated the old farmer, whose sons immediately took him to the hospital. Doctors found that the victim had fractures in his bones. The farmer, who has serious wounds on his body, is still at the hospital. The townspeople are in horror when they heard the news that the jaguar had attacked a man in the forest. The townspeople said that there were many wild animals in the forest and they were afraid. The people, who asked for help from the regional authorities, said that they started to worry about their safety after this incident.

Expressing that they could not walk comfortably in the forest, the people said that their agricultural activities were interrupted. After the incident, the old man is still under treatment. The man who can’t see in one eye is on the country’s agenda. After seeing the state of the farmer that the jaguar attacked in the forest, everyone was worried.