Isaac glaucoma

One of the most famous items of Binding of Isaac is glaucoma. Most of us do not know exactly what this item does. That’s why we always search. It is perhaps one of the least valued items in the game. It is such a valuable item. Although it is difficult to understand, it is an item that is very useful for us. The Isaac glaucoma item is a passive item. Thus, it actually has a lasting effect. It works outside of your use.

isaac glaucoma

You can easily find this item in Binding of Isaac’s treasure rooms. You can buy it with coins. After Isaac receives the glaucoma item, Isaac’s eyes begin to water and blur. The Isaac glaucoma item also has a few disadvantages. It makes your screen a little darker. Your screen becomes blurry. This makes it difficult for you to play the game. This item is one of the items that the producers have done very well in the game. It is not affected by luck. Grants the ability to shed concussive tears. With this passive power, you can throw random teardrops between enemies. Tears confuse enemies, stun them momentarily.

There are also items that provide synergy with this item. The item that has synergy with Isaac glaucoma is black wax. Thanks to the black candle, you will remove the only drawback. So the blur of the screen is eliminated.

Glaucoma is a type of eye disease. Vision loss occurs in people with this disease. It occurs due to damage to the optic nerves in the nervous system. It is a disease related to the eyes and nervous system. The eyes also have an effect on their appearance. It can make the eye appear paler. It can cause serious vision loss.

About Binding Of Isaac Items

Binding of Isaac is a game based on the decisions you make. While it doesn’t offer a choice of scenario-oriented decisions, there are plenty of gameplay-based options. You even decide which door you want to open between rooms. Likewise, when you come to the treasure room, how you want to spend your coins is entirely up to you. Some items spawn from bosses and enemies. Some items are from hidden rooms and treasure rooms. You can create your own build by making choices among these items. At game; There are pots, passive items (one of them isaac glaucoma), and active items. Which ones you choose is up to you.