indigo dottyback

The Indigo Dottyback is actually a crossbreed. The price of this breed, which you will see a lot in fishermen’s stores, is very cheap. Because it is a hybrid race, it has numerous features. It is a hybrid breed produced from Orchid Dottyback and Striped Dottyback. It has the best features of both breeds. As you can see, it is a combination fish.

indigo dottyback

This species is a very colorful fish. Attracts attention immediately at sea. It has horizontal black lines. It has dark blue hues. Indigo Dottyback is actually a hybrid breed. It is not a species per se. Orchid and Striped Dottybacks, which are factors in its hybridization, mostly live in the Red Sea. The same can be said for Indigo. In fact, its nature is more suitable for the Red Sea. But you can find it almost everywhere right now. Another name is “Pseudochromis fridmai x sankei”. You may have seen him a lot in restaurants. Even if you see it, maybe it hasn’t caught your attention. But Dottyback is one of the fish that should be in every fish tank.

It is a very beautiful hybrid fish. Many people like their colors. It has certain features that exist in all Dottybacks. Indigos also hide behind rocks in the aquarium. They like to hide while you watch it. The Indigo Dottyback is a foraging fish. They try to find their own food among the rocks. They feed on leftover food rather than hunting. It is a shy type of fish. He doesn’t like to make eye contact. They generally love rocks and enjoy swimming among them. It has hues such as purple and blue in color.

Physical properties and dimensions

The Indigo Dottyback family can reach up to 3 inches in length. Since it is a hybrid race, it has the characteristics of both races. But they also have distinctive features of their own. These distinctive features set it apart from other Dottybacks. They are usually blue and purple in color. But some fish may have lighter or darker hues. As with all Dottybacks, this breed has a black line running across their entire body.

How should you feed your fish?

The Indigo Dottyback is a carnivorous goldfish. Although they have a cute appearance, they are a type of fish that you should feed with meat. You can feed your fish with meat foods such as brine shrimp and mysid shrimp. Apart from this, special baits are also available for your fish. You can feed him meat foods. It may be much more accurate to prepare your own feed instead of packaged foods.