How To Wave Dash In Rocket League

how to wave dash

With over 20 million registered players, Rocket League is one of the most popular games to grace Steam in recent years. The game is simple; you attempt to pass the ball into your opponent’s net while simultaneously preventing them from doing the same to you. Sounds easy enough, right? But it is much more challenging than that. Here are pro tips on how to wave dash in Rocket League. When you learn this, you will play better.

What is Wave Dashing?

Wave dashing is a movement technique used in the game Rocket League. When dashing across the ground, the player can repeatedly press the accelerate button to “wave” across the ground, gaining speed while moving. One of the best uses of wave dashing is approaching the ball quickly, which will make you get to the ball faster. Wave dashing is all about speed so you can get to the ball faster, get into position, or catch your opponent off guard.

Where to Wave Dash

This all depends on what you are trying to do, but here are a few common areas where you may want to wave dash:

  • To get back to your goal-line: If you are playing defense, you may want to wave a dash from your goalie towards the opponent’s shot or the ball. This will help you get to the ball or goal quicker.
  • To get into position: If you are playing defense and your opponent has the ball, you will want to wave and dash towards the ball to try and get into position. This may be from the center line of the field or from behind your goal toward the opponent’s shot or the ball.
  • To catch your opponent off guard: If you are playing offense, you may want to wave dash towards your opponent’s goal. This is a great way to catch your opponent off guard and get a goal.

How to Wave Dash

As mentioned above, wave dashing is all about speed. You want to get there as quickly as possible when you are dashing towards the ball. You want to ensure you get there quickly when dashing towards your opponent’s goal.

Here is how you can wave dash:

  • Hit the accelerate button: The first thing you will do is hit the accelerate button. This will start your dash towards the ball or goal.
  • Press and hold the brake button: Next, you will want to press and hold the brake button. This will slow you down, so you don’t overshoot the ball or goal.
  • Repeat: Once the ball or goal is in your reach, you will want to press the accelerate button again. Once you pass the ball or the ball stops at your feet, you will want to release the brake button.
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