Instagram Account Freezing & Deleting: How to Delete an Account on Instagram?

How to delete an Instagram account? The curious issue with Instagram, one of the first social media that comes to mind: Instagram account freezing or deletion.

Before moving on to the topic of “Instagam account freezing or deletion”, which created the title, let’s remember; Created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram is confidently keeping its place among the world’s most popular mobile applications, as it turns 10. The platform, which managed to attract the bosses of the technology world in the two years following its establishment in October 2010, joined Facebook for 1 billion dollars after the sale in 2012.

In fact, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement at the time, “This is an important milestone for Facebook because for the first time we have a company and product with a large number of users.” Considering that Instagram’s current number of users has exceeded 1 billion (39 million users only in Turkey), Zuckerberg’s move would be appreciated. According to the data provided by Google, Instagram account freezing or deletion can still be at the top of the questions about Instagram.

How to freeze Instagram?

The freezing process on the platform means that you have temporarily disabled your account. Therefore, if you don’t like it anymore and want to stay away from the notifications around you, possible fakes, and the annoying and tiring posts of many accounts such as “Instagirl/Instaboy”, you can perform the Instagram freeze process. In other words, you can temporarily close or suspend your account. Therefore, all your posts, comments and likes will remain private and will not be shown to any users until you re-enter their account.

If we have given our message, let’s look at the details in the step-by-step part of the subject;

First of all, you need to go to the page you were directed to by clicking here. You should not choose the application on your mobile device. To perform your transaction with this link which is an Instagram account freeze link. Users can go to this address with their computer or mobile browser service. You should follow the suggestions on the screen at the address you are going to. Instagram users can also activate your action by specifying why you want to suspend your account. You can re-enter your password and press the “temporarily close account” button at the bottom of the screen.

How to delete Instagram account?

For the Instagram account deletion link, you need to click on an option on the page you will reach by clicking here, explaining why you want to close your account. Although the Instagram deletion process is quite easy, there is a point to know at this stage; The account freeze option means the suspension of your profile. But account deletion is risky. It means that your profile and all photos, comments, and likes belonging to the account will be permanently deleted. You should also be careful after deleting your account. It is useful to know that you cannot get another account with the same username.

Instagram account closure is as simple as freezing your account. We have just explained the difference.