how to change epic games profile picture

Epic Games continues to gain users with its discounts. Increasing users, especially with exclusive games, have difficulty getting used to Epic Games’ launcher. Generally, the common question of Epic Games Launcher users is “how to change epic games profile picture”. Because although Epic Store is very good economically, it is quite complex as a launcher. It is very easy to change your Epic Games profile picture in a few steps.

how to change epic games profile picture

If you want to change your background or profile picture, the steps to follow are very easy. In terms of interface, Epic Games may be a little behind the industry right now. They compete with many companies such as Apple, Steam, Google. After making a big break with Fortnite, Epic Games set up their own store and they still couldn’t reach the exact numbers they wanted. Epic Games continues to make big campaigns with the high revenues they get from Fortnite and Unreal Engine. They give out at least two or three games for free every week. So far, there are many games that we call AAA free from the Epic Store. They distributed many games like FM 2021 for free.

When it comes to customizing the profile, however, it is very difficult to use the Launcher. Especially the question of how to change epic games profile picture seems to have become quite complicated. Epic Games’ interface is very difficult to use. Although it’s easy to change your profile picture, the interface complicates things a little. To change your profile picture, you must click on the drop-down menu button at the top left. Then you have to click on Edit profile and then on the avatar icon. You can see the avatars you have here. You can choose any free avatar you want. Or you can choose one of the avatars you have. You can also set your background color from this section.

What are the advantages of using the Epic Store

Epic Store is a truly affordable digital game sales platform. In addition, it distributes free games every week. At the same time, these free games include Indie games as well as very high-priced games. Epic Store sometimes gives away the games of companies such as EA and Sega to its users for free. The biggest advantages of using the Epic Store are the free play and money coupons. You can use the money coupons that Epic Games distributes periodically while purchasing the game you want.