How Many Satchels For Garage Door

how many satchels for garage door

Before starting this project, ensure you have all the necessary materials and tools. You especially need to know how many satchels for garage door. If you are replacing an old garage door with a new one, remove the old door first so that it doesn’t fall on you while you work! Once you’ve gotten rid of your old door, follow these instructions to install your new Satchels for the Garage Door

Measure and Mark the New Door Location

Find the center of the garage door by measuring diagonally from the edge of the door frame to the opposite wall. Mark the center of the floor with a pencil and measure the distance between the floor and the top of your garage door frame.

The top of the door frame should be around 2’ above the floor. If there is not enough height, you might need to add some support to your garage door frame.

How Many Satchels For Garage Door? Install the Door Mounting Brackets

If your new garage door comes with mounting brackets, install them now. The mounting brackets will keep the new door in place and make the installation easier.

You will need to move the existing mounting brackets from the old door to the new one if the new door does not come with any. Otherwise, you will need to buy mounting brackets for your new door.

Add the Door Panels and Tracks

Your new door will come with panels, rails, and a track. Carefully place the rails on the top and bottom of the garage’s overhead door track, so they are level.

Put the bottom rail on the floor and use the included mounting brackets to secure it there. Use a level to make sure the rail is perfectly horizontal.

Place the top rail on the overhead door track and attach it with the supplied mounting brackets. Do not attach the panels to the rails just yet. Your panels will come with a set of directions. Please read them carefully and follow the instructions.

Install the Door Opener

An automatic door opener is a must-have feature of any garage door. If your new door comes with a door opener, install it now. The directions included with the opener will walk you through the installation process. If your new door doesn’t have a door opener, you must buy one separately.

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