Last Day For Free Google Photos!

Google Photos is paid. But what about the photos and videos that have been backed up so far? Here are the answers!

Cloud storage services, which have become widespread in recent years, have become indispensable for users. The instability of physical storage and causing data loss over time is one of the main reasons for the rise of cloud services.

Google Photos, one of the most famous cloud storage services, has known all its users for years that it will store unlimited photos and videos in high quality. However, according to Google’s statement, free usage ends and the service becomes paid as of June 1. Users who want to store their photos and videos need to get a Google One subscription. So what should users do on the last day?

What about photos and videos on Google Photos stored before June 1?

Hours before the decision goes into effect, people have hundreds of questions and concerns on their minds. The biggest question people had in mind was where to transfer the high quality stored photos backed up by June 1st or what would happen to these media items. Your photos and videos that have been backed up so far will not be lost and will be kept separate from the 15 GB storage space that Google will define for each user.

What will users do who find the 15 GB space provided by Google insufficient? They can browse through different Google One plans and choose the plan package that suits them. You can click here to look at the plans. Users who do not want to think about this choice will have to delete some photos, videos or files stored in Google Drive.

So what happens when the 15GB storage is full? According to Google’s statement, bad news about users who exceed the given limit and do not pay for 2 years. Users’ data will not be covered by the company’s warranty. Although it is not known what Google will do with this content, it is estimated that the data will be deleted.

Pixel users managed to tear it up again

Another curious issue was how much Google’s own production of Pixel series smartphones would be affected by this application. Recent developments show that Pixel users will not be affected by this event. We also have good news if you are using a Pixel 5 series or lower model. You will be able to upload your photos and videos to Google Photos in high quality.