Eye Of Belial, How To Find

Eye Of Belial is one of the Binding Of Isaac items. Many players use this item in their builds. Since it is a passive item, players also prefer it a lot. You can find this item in Afterbirth.

Eye Of Belial

The Eye of Belial is a very powerful and rare item that is located in a demon room. You can find it in a room that is very difficult and filled with tough creatures.

As the unlock method, you have to defeat Ultra Greedier as Judas. After playing as Judas character and defeating this boss, the item will be unlocked. Thus, you can find the item in the next games.

What are the features and effects of Eye Of Belial?

As for the effects of the item, it gives a +1.5 range. You get a +1.0 Tear high. You also get a piercing tears feature. With Eye of Belial, your shots pierce through the enemy and have 1.3x multiplier attack power for each enemy they pierce.

Which build can you use?

This item has many synergies. Among the builds made by the players in general, there is “Compound Fracture / Cricket’s Body / The Parasite. With this build, you can use the piercing feature of the item more effectively.

Another synergy with the item is “Godhead”. With this item, tears gain an aura. With this aura, you can inflict more area-effect damage to enemies.

Lost Contact is another item that has synergy with Eye Of Belial. You can play with this build at the beginner level, as it is one of the easiest builds for players to obtain. It pierces the bullet and provides double damage and homing effect.

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Eye Of Belial Isaac
Eye Of Belial Isaac

Is the item hard to find?

Owning this item can be a bit of a hassle. Because it is so much you have to do. First, you have to unlock the item. You may not find it on the map without unlocking it. That’s why you have to play with Judah first. After defeating Ultra Greedier with Judah, the item will also be unlocked.

After that, you can start the game again with any character. But the item will not be in any room. You can find this item in one of the demon rooms. First, you need to defeat the boss and the enemies in the Demon room. After that, the item will drop.

It is extremely powerful and difficult to obtain. Therefore, it is advantageous to build a damage-oriented build.