epic volleyball club

Epic Volleyball Club is one of the important sports centers for young athletes. Located at 13955 Stowe Dr, Poway, CA 92064. There are separate open gyms for girls and boys. There he trains young athletes and prepares them for a professional career in volleyball. It is a kind of sportsman training school.

epic volleyball club

The sports organization has important camp activities. One of the most prominent of these is 5-8. They are trial and development camps for classrooms. Here, it trains students who start their sports life as an amateur at an early age. They prepare them for their professional careers in their later years. Epic volleyball club also participates in professional volleyball competitions. Playing in the professional league, the club is currently pursuing a successful course. It is one of the sports clubs where you can enroll your child at a young age.

At the moment, auditions for boys and girls under the age of 18 continue. You can enroll your children under the age of 18 to audition until 13.11.2021. You can help your child take the first step towards becoming a professional in volleyball. Epic Volleyball club currently competes in three different branches as regular season, conference tournament, and regionals. It is a club that attaches great importance to the individual development of its players.

How can you register for the club?

The club generally accepts children under the age of 18. They have auditions for two separate volleyball teams, boys and girls. 5-8. There are trial choices between classes. There is a group of coaches who put students into trial camps and make efforts for their development. Club auditions are still ongoing. The deadline for registration is 13 November. You can enroll your child under the age of 18 for trial selections until November 13.

Currently, only Epic Volleyball Club competes only in volleyball. There are separate suits for girls and boys. According to gym hours, male and female volleyball players are trained separately. At the beginning, training preparations are made with the coaching team. At the same time, children go through a lot of training with the trial and development camps. Afterward, children prepare for their professional volleyball life in this club.

What are the club’s services?

The club currently trains volleyball teams for boys and girls only. Together with the trial and development camps, they prepare young athletes for their professional lives. It provides a lot of training both mentally and physically. Epic Volleyball Club continues its activities with its experienced coach group. There are outdoor sports facilities for boys and girls. He competes in three separate tournaments. You can register before the application deadline using this link: Epicvball.