Elon Musk Bitcoin: You can now buy Tesla with Bitcoin


Elon Musk, the CEO of the electric car manufacturer Tesla, announced that the company will also accept Bitcoin in automobile payments from now on. Musk said that Tesla will not cash in on the BTC that is obtained from the sale.

Elon Musk Bitcoin plan

An important statement came from Elon Musk, the supporter of crypto money markets.

Tesla’s CEO Musk said that cars will now be sold with Bitcoin payments. Musk stated that the application that started in the USA will be valid in other countries this year.


is another detail that stands out in Musk’s statement. Musk said that Tesla will work directly with Bitcoin nodes for payments. In addition, the payments received will not be converted into dollars. Tesla will continue to keep these payments in Bitcoin. Payments using BTC are becoming more and more common. However, the payments received are instantly converted into fixed currencies.

Elon Musk’s statements about bitcoin seem to increase Bitcoin’s values a little more. What kind of changes will Tesla purchase with Bitcoin bring in the coming days, everyone is talking about this. What will be the state of the markets, the developments in the coming days will show the answers.