dominate the three realms

Dominate The Three Realms is a cult production that still maintains its place among manga. The manga, which contains magnificent fantasy elements, consists of 172 volumes. The manga is currently still in print. It contains many elements such as action, adventure, fantasy, manhua, martial arts, reincarnation.

dominate the three realms

To summarize this manga briefly, we can say that it is a revenge manga. Action and fantasy elements are never missing in it. But in some places, it also maintains its romance and calmness. Volume 172 of Dominate The Three Realms is out now. The fans continue to read with excitement for 172 episodes. It all starts with the great betrayal of the main character of the manga. The person who betrayed him is even his fiancee. The night before their wedding, she is betrayed and dies. But the main character, the great emperor of his time, is reborn after 300 years. He rises from the ashes to take his revenge, and the real story begins here.

Although the main motivation of the character in the first episodes is to take revenge, things change later on. As the series progresses, the character, who encounters different things, encounters different realms. The fantastic dimension of the work really peaks here. A great warrior and emperor in his time, he aims to dominate these realms. The manga with plenty of action scenes continues to date. The latest volume of the manga written by Zhang Yue is chapter 172, which came out two weeks ago.

Is the manga available in English?

You can easily obtain the English version of the manga. Dominate The Three Realms is a very popular manga, so translations are available online. There are also places where you can buy the part you want. You can easily read it as a PDF. If you want a manga that combines action, fantasy, and adventure, this is a manga that really appeals to you. One of the best parts of the manga in particular is that it has strong characters. Although the manga was not translated when it first came out, English translations began to appear as it became popular.

You may not find an English edition of all 172 chapters, but you can also read pdf versions online. Many manga reading sites have volumes of Dominate the Three Realms. Also, if you like this genre, you might like manga such as Limitless Abyss, The Rebirth of an 8th-Circled Mage, The Princess Imprints a Traitor. These mangas also have English translations.