Dis Pater Gladiatus

Dis Pater is one of the most popular characters in Gladiatus. He impresses the players with his charisma. This extremely powerful enemy is one of the final bosses. There are also different levels of Dis Pater. This final boss in the Gladiatus game is quite powerful. You can see Dis Pater in normal and hard levels. He is an underground boss. Dis Pater has three levels. These are Normal, Medium, and Hard. The normal level, in order, is level 81. The intermediate level is 109. The hardest level is level 135.

Dis Pater Gladiatus

Why is Dis Pater one of the most important characters in Gladiatus? Gladiatus actually means a kind of Dis Pater. This character is just as popular as the game itself. You can easily play Gladiatus, an online, web-based RPG, from its website. There is a character that everyone knows in this game, which has been in existence for many years. His name is also Dis Pater. This character is one of the last bosses to appear in the underground world. He has very strong stats. Many people have had a hard time with it.

What are Pater’s stats?

Dis Pater’s stats vary depending on his level. Normal life points are 4819 – 5670, hard level is 8032-9450. To defeat Dis Pater, you must have reached the last levels in Gladiatus. He is a pretty tough boss. One of the most important rewards after defeating Dis Pater is Dis Pater’s Armor. This is the reward after defeating the regular boss. There are also different rewards for defeating medium and difficult bosses. At the same time, whatever the level of the boss is, the level of the armor you gain will be stronger. Below are Dis Pater’s stats by level:

Note: Regardless of your Underworld level, your character must have 100+ levels to enter this realm.

Dis Pater NormalDis Pater NormalDis Pater Hard

Gladiatus Underworld

Those who have played Gladiatus for a long time know that the underworld is indeed a completely different world. The purpose of playing Gladiatus is to reach the underworld and grind here. At the same time, you can think of it as a dungeon where you can easily level up. But it is quite difficult. Final bosses will challenge you with their mini-bosses. You must have a good strategy and build. Before entering the Underworld; You choose a difficulty between normal, middle, and hard levels. After that, you enter the world.

There are also some rules for entering the Underworld. For example, even if you enter at the normal level, your character must be at the level of 100+. There are 4 areas in the Underworld. These areas are; The entrance to the Kingdom of the Dead is the Court of the Dead, Tartarus, and Erebus. The last boss of the Underworld in Gladiatus is, of course, Dis Pater. Everyone enters here to defeat Dis Pater and own his armor. You can also earn lots of loot. Defeating Dis Pater in the hardest level of the Underworld is pretty tough. That’s why you should develop your character and item build thoroughly.

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