The death of his mother dissolves Ronaldinho


Ronaldinho, who lost his mother last month, is in trouble with alcohol. According to the Brazilian press, the legendary football player almost broke up after the death of his mother.

He lost his mother after the problems he faced over and over, is having a hard time.

He was arrested in Paraguay last year for forgery of documents, continued his conviction at the hotel for about 5 months, with a $ 1.6 million bail paid after 32 days in prison.

The Brazilian legend lost his mother to the coronavirus last month. Ronaldinho, who has a strong bond with his mother, started to have worse days after his loss.

‘There are too many harmful people around for Ronaldinho’

Lance, a Brazilian newspaper, shared information from a person close to Ronaldinho. It has been stated that Ronaldinho has already had alcohol problems, but this situation has risen a lot in recent weeks.

“Ronaldinho starts consuming alcohol from the early hours of the morning,” the person speaking to the newspaper said. He spends his whole day like this. Every day at another party. There are also a lot of malicious people around him. Ronaldinho has a huge heart, but not everyone around him is like that. They do him a lot of harm. ”