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Many call him the most fatherly man in the Grunge music world. His name is Dave Grohl. A rebellious child who came from grunge music. You may not know much about Nirvana’s legendary drummer Dave Grohl short hair. You will be really surprised when you see him with his short hair.

Legendary drummer of Nirvana is the most fatherly grunger

Dave Grohl was born into an educated family in Ohio. His mother was a teacher. His father was a journalist. Unfortunately, when he was 7 years old, his parents divorced. Dave also lived with his mother. Dave’s musical life dates back to his childhood. He started taking guitar lessons at the age of 12. He quit after he got bored of the lessons. Later, he formed a band with his friends and started playing with them.

He had to change schools three times. Because he was forming a music group in every school he went to, so his grades were falling. His mother was constantly changing his school because of this habit. Rebel Dave, on the other hand, was still busy with music. Dave’s high school life has been a full one. Throughout his high school life, music has always been in his life. While playing guitar at Dave Freaky Baby, he also learned to play drums by himself. His biggest inspiration was John Bonham.

Nirvana Years and Dave Grohl Short Hair

Having previously played in the famous band Scream, Dave switched to Nirvana after the band disbanded. With the completion of the drummer, the legend of Nirvana was born.

Dave was very helpful in releasing Nirvana’s debut album, Nevermind. The Nirvana group quickly gained notoriety. Dave had a really kind and gentle character. Although he wrote songs himself, he kept these songs to himself because he did not want to tarnish Kurt Cobain’s image. He always referred to himself as a straight drummer in the band.

After Kurt Cobain took his own life in 1994, Dave didn’t know what to do. Although Dave received invitations from many groups, he refused these invitations. Even rumors of the legendary band Pearl Jam began to circulate. Dave listened to the demos he made in his own way and these demos were very popular. Thus, he decided to form his own group, and in 1995 the Foo Fighters legend was born. With its ups and downs, the group still reminds itself with many pieces.

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