Cristiano Ronaldo is expecting his new baby

Ronaldo, one of the best players in the world, shared a very nice post on Instagram. Ronaldo was holding Ultrasound photos in his hand while posing in bed with his girlfriend Georgina. After that, everyone started talking about Cristiano Ronaldo is expecting his new baby. The news, which broke sharing records on social media, immediately took its place in the trends.

Cristiano Ronaldo is expecting his new baby

Ronaldo and his beautiful girlfriend Georgina said they are expecting twins. Cristiano Ronaldo is expecting his new baby as well as twins. Ronaldo shared how happy he was on social media. After that, he said that they are expecting twins. Ronaldo shared the words “our hearts are full of love”. Ronaldo also emphasized that they are expecting twins. She explained that she is looking forward to their baby for them.

After this sharing of Ronaldo, the interest in the sharing increased considerably. It became one of the most liked posts of all time on Instagram. They shared it many times on Twitter as well. This sharing, which received a lot of interaction, also aroused great repercussions in the press. After this sharing of Cristiano Ronaldo, his fans did not leave him alone. People wrote thousands of comments under the post. Thousands of people liked Ronaldo’s post and wrote how happy they were.

How many children does Cristiano Ronaldo have?

Cristiano Ronaldo currently has four children in total. The legendary football player has two daughters. Two of his four children are boys. The eldest is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. The names of the other children are; Eva Maria Dos Santos is Alana Martina dos Santos Aveiro is Mateo Ronaldo. In addition, if Ronaldo has twins, he will have 6 children in total. That’s why Cristiano Ronaldo is expecting his new baby with great excitement. The gender of the babies of Ronaldo and his girlfriend is not yet known.

Ronaldo longtime relationship with Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez and Ronaldo have been happily in love for a long time. The couple, who met in the store, have been together ever since. Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend before Rodriguez was a Russian model. Irina Shayk, whom everyone knows very well, had been with Ronaldo for a while. Ronaldo, who was left alone for a while after leaving Irina, seems to have finally found the love he was looking for with Georgina. The two met in England. They continue their loving posts on Instagram.