creation therapy

Creation therapy is actually a kind of religious ritual. This is a method based on the Bible. It is a model based on the Bible. It is based on temperament theory. This therapy helps us understand ourselves. What is human nature makes us ask these questions. The Therapy tells about the existence of man even before he was born. It is based on theories about the temperament we have before we are born. It helps us understand the need for temperament that God placed in us before we were born. This is a kind of therapy method identified with Christianity.

creation therapy

The concept of temperament is quite broad. This temperament concept that Creation Therapy actually emphasizes in terms of our understanding of ourselves. It deals with many subjects such as human satisfaction, enjoyment, hobbies. Spiritual development is also among the subjects of temperament. It also emphasizes how dependent or independent we are in our lives. It is a theory that advises us on which paths to follow in terms of our careers.

Creation Therapy sees each person who comes to therapy as unique. It first examines the temperamental needs of each patient. After identifying these needs, she helps him to meet his needs. Each individual is unique to this therapy. Thus, the needs of each individual will of course be different. He gives advice to the individual. With the advice he gives to the person who comes to therapy, he helps him to end his internal conflicts. Thus, he says that the person can determine his path better after solving his internal conflicts. Because we can’t see ahead until we clear up the confusions inside us. The theory of temperament also helps in solving the inner stress of the person in this regard.

Temperament theory and creation

These concepts are in the same category. Because they complement each other. Temperament theory is one of the sines qua non of Creation Therapy. This is a method used by counselors for therapy. The age to start this therapy is usually 7 years and above. Children over the age of 7 and adults can receive therapy from counselors. Counselors assist them in matters such as temperament analysis, counseling, and training.

Temperament analysis starts from 7 years old and above, but Creation Therapy has certain age ranges. It is better to start temperament analysis from a young age. But it is very difficult to educate a child from a young age accordingly. That’s why children should live their childhood. It is in the hands of the parents to make it live the best. After teaching their children the right therapy methods, the child develops more quickly. It is extremely important to treat the child correctly. Temperament counseling is generally valid for individuals aged 15 and over. Temperament education is also for individuals aged 15 and over. Each of them appeals to a certain age in itself. There is no Creation Therapy for ages earlier than these ages. Counselors do not recommend these therapy methods to younger people.