Coffee Roaster Machine

Coffee has become a part of our daily life. It has been included both as a culture and a way of life. The coffee drink from the past began to spread in the 14th century with the method of roasting in a fire. Today, various flavored coffees can be made with coffee beans. In order to enjoy the unique coffee taste, both the coffee is important and the processing machine.

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Types of Coffee Roasters

  • Type of shop,
  • House type
  • Type of business

It varies according to usage areas. You can get it for your needs. If it will be used professionally and continuously, Nazar Kahve, the website serving with a coffee roaster machine, can be preferred. The working system of the coffee roaster is different from other household models. In models with drums, the drum part is heated first. As the metal body heats up, the coffee begins to heat up and roast. Roasting is also achieved by heating the coffee beans.

Features of Coffee Roaster

  • Adjustable exhaust fan
  • Computer connection with USB cable
  • Compatible with artisan and crop star.
  • It gives an audible warning when it reaches the set temperature.
  • The roasting process can be easily followed with the specially designed sight glass and sample spoon.
  • There is a cost-reducing gas cutter.
  • It has simultaneous roasting and cooling feature for maximum product output.
  • Cooling is one of the most important stages of the roasting process and in order to complete this process in the fastest way in golden roasting machines, it is completed within 2-5 minutes thanks to the special cooling pan sub-design, which is only available in Golden Coffee Roasters.
  • Optimal heat transfer takes place with the specially designed low-carbon drum.
  • CE-approved gas and electrical materials
  • Gas safety system: The feature of shutting down the entire system at once against abnormal gas pressure
  • Emergency button: Shuts down the whole system with one touch.
  • Thanks to its improved design, it offers easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • The shell collector collects the shells from the drum.
  • Independent temperature indicators.

You can visit web page to access detailed product images and to examine coffee roaster machines.