charbonneau tennis bookings

Charbonneau is a tennis club. This club, which has tennis facilities, has been serving tennis lovers for a long time. In terms of its location, it is extremely quiet and in an area intertwined with nature. It is one of the rare addresses where you will not have any parking problems. It is quite large and spacious inside. To play tennis here, you must either have a membership or check out Charbonneau Tennis Bookings their own site. You can also participate in many social activities within the club.

charbonneau tennis bookings

It is a tennis facility that its members describe as top-notch. In order to benefit from the social activities in its facilities, it is sufficient to be a member of the club. If you only want to play tennis with your friends, you should make a reservation. To make a reservation, you can reserve the tennis court for any time you want at Charbonneau tennis bookings. Or you can reach Charbonneau by phone.

Benefits of the Charbonneau Club

If you become a Charbonneau membership, you can take advantage of many benefits. Club management organizes competitions at certain intervals in the facilities. If you are ambitious, you can participate in these competitions about tennis. Also, you can compete in the master’s classification. And you can earn achievements. You do not need to make Charbonneau tennis bookings for this. You only need to be a member, as this is an advantage offered by the club management to members. If you want to participate in competitions after becoming a member, you can specify this. You just need to prepare for the day and time of the competition.

There are competitions for men and women separately. You can join any of them. You can also participate in mixed couples competitions. If you are going to participate as a couple, the mixed tennis tournament where you can compete with your partner will be just for you.

Features of club facilities

There are 2 indoor courts in the tennis facilities. There are also 2 illuminated outdoor courts. The playground is quite large. It is a high ceiling facility. In cold times, the facility has a heating system. You can make reservations for Charbonneau tennis bookings from the club’s website. The club’s internet service is available 24/7. You can make your reservation from here.

Charbonneau Tennis Bookings, Charbonneau membership dues

Club members must pay annual dues each year. These fees vary for families and single persons. The starting fees for new members are $100.00 in 2020. Single resident costs $330.00 per year, family resident $499.00 per year. A single non-resident is $395.00 per year. For a non-resident family, it is $595.00.

For Charbonneau tennis bookings transactions, you can visit the website: Charbonneau Tennis Booking