Cascia hall football

You must have heard of Cascia Hall Preparatory School, one of the most famous schools in Oklahoma. The school, which has been in existence since 1926, has achieved many successes in the field of athletics. Undoubtedly, one of the most successful teams in the Cascia hall is the football team. Cascia Hall has many athletic teams. Among them; You can also see sports branches such as volleyball, football, basketball, and tennis.

cascia hall football

Although Cascia Hall has had some troubles in the league, they are currently battling with their head coach Jose Medina. This year, the Cascia Hall football team will play a total of eleven games, five at home and six away. Cascia Hall played its first league game away against Fort Gibson. Cascia Hall was on the field with the varsity team against Fort Gibson. In the second match, he hosted Victory Christian at home. The university team’s next game will be away against Roland. This match will be their last away match. In their last game, they will host Keys at home.

For now, the varsity football team seems to have had steady success. They start to build the future together with the students they have trained from the infrastructure. A shining college in athletics among sports colleges in Tusla. There are many teams. The most prominent of these is the football team. Coach Joseph Estep is the coach of the football teams. Their head coach is Jose Medina.

One of the largest athletics colleges in Oklahoma

Cascia Hall is truly a well-established college. For years, it has been one of the colleges of choice for parents for their children. It is an ideal college especially for children interested in sports. Cascia Hall is more popular with football teams. It is one of the most popular choices for students interested in football in Tusla. In athletics, it is home not only to football but also to many branches. It is a college with strong coaching staff, historical foundations.

Cascia Hall is one of the ideal schools for academics as well as its achievements in athletics. There are many education departments for primary school and middle school. Social studies, world languages ​​, and theology are among the most popular subjects for middle school. We can say that Cascia Hall Preparatory School is one of the most prestigious schools in Tusla. It is an ideal choice for football and many sports branches. Apart from this, it has many academic departments for primary and secondary schools.