Brooklyn Decker: I Like The Gray Hair

Famous top model Brooklyn Decker shared his makeup-free state with his followers. She also stated that the bottom paint has arrived. 33-year-old Decker said, “I like the gray hair even though I’m not ready yet.”

The top model is happily married to tennis player Andy Roddick. American top model Brooklyn Decker also publishes sections of his daily life on his Instagram account.

Decker has been away from the podiums for a long time due to the coronavirus pandemic that has affected the world. The famous model intertwines this process with nature.


The 33-year-old model, who shared a post on her social media account, published her makeup-free version.

She also stated that the bottom paint is coming. She said she likes her gray hair, even though she’s not ready yet. But she added that she was going to paint next week.


Tennis players Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker, who sat at the wedding table in 2009, have two children, Hank and Stevie.


Who is Brooklyn Decker? She is an American model and actress. It stands out, especially with its modeling. She became famous as the cover girl of Sports Illustrated magazine. She has actually appeared in many movies and TV shows. Decker is especially known as Samantha “Sam” in the movie Battleship.

She was born on April 12, 1987, in Kettering, Ohio, USA. Her mother’s name is Tessa Decker and her father’s name is Stephen Decker. She also has a brother named Jordan Decker.