Bridge collapsed in Brazil

Bridge collapsed in Brazil last week. Too many people fell into the river after the bridge collapsed. There are many injured. For Christmas celebrations in Brazil, the municipality set up a giant screen in the square. While watching the performances here, people fell into the river when the bridge collapsed. Many people are injured. People who fell into the river almost struggled to escape. Firefighters came to the aid of people who were waiting for help. The news of the collapse of the bridge in Brazil had a great impact.

Bridge collapsed in Brazil

The event took place in the city of Santa Catarina. Hundreds of people gathered in the square in the city of Santa Catarina to watch the Christmas celebrations. While watching the Christmas celebrations, the bridge they were on couldn’t take it anymore. In Brazil, the bridge collapsed and the crowd fell into the river along with the collapsed bridge. Hundreds of people dancing on the bridge caused the bridge to break. Everyone was having fun watching the Christmas celebrations on the giant screen. Everyone panicked after this incident.

In Brazil, the bridge collapsed, causing a massive stampede. The fire brigade immediately caught up with the stampede. People almost crushed each other to get out of the river. The fire brigade barely managed to save many children with injuries. According to the latest data, the number of people who fell from the bridge into the river is about 30. The 12 children who fell from the bridge have cuts and bruises on their bodies. The officers immediately took the children to the hospital. The children’s health is currently good. This bridge disaster was very upsetting to the crowds that gathered and rejoiced for Christmas. Everyone panicked at once and rushed to help those who fell.

No one died in this incident in Brazil

In Brazil, the bridge collapsed, but there is no death or seriously injured in the incident. Everyone was happy that there is no serious injury as the greatest source of joy. Fortunately, firefighters were immediately on the scene. 16 firefighters and 3 ambulances were at the scene. Ambulances immediately took the injured to the hospital. The fire brigade, with the help of the people, pulled those who fell from the bridge out of the river. no one was under the rubble. There were only injured children. Ambulances urgently took the children to the children’s hospital.

Everyone rejoiced after the mayor of the festival announced that no one was killed in the incident. No one was seriously injured. But having so many people enjoying themselves on a bridge could have resulted in an even bigger disaster. The bridge was fortunately over a river. Along with the collapsed bridge, the people on it also fell into the river.