Bishop Antonio Stagliano says Santa is not real

Everyone in Italy is talking about Bishop Antoni Stagliano right now. The reactions to him are increasing day by day. Bishop Antonio Stagliano said that Santa Claus is not real. The bishop, who told children that Santa Claus is not real, was also the focus of reaction from parents. The Bishop, who attended an event for St. Nicola’s day in Italy, drew many reactions. Many names reacted to him when he said that Santa Claus is not real at this event. Especially parents are very angry about this situation.

Bishop Antonio Stagliano says Santa is not real

The news that had wide coverage in the country’s press took place in Noto, Sicily. Bishop Antonio Stagliano, who attended the St. Nicola day event in Noto, said that Santa Claus is not real. As a result of these statements, the reactions to him are increasing. The bishop continued his words as follows: “I did not say that there is no Santa Claus, he exists as an imaginary character, but he does not exist as a historical and concrete person.” The mouths of the children who heard this almost fell open. The parents who were with the children were shocked.

After this unfortunate statement, the reactions to the Bishop are growing. Bishop Antonio Stagliano, who said that Santa Claus is a fictional character, disappointed the children greatly. Stagliano also added: “Santa Claus is not real. His red suit was also invented by Coca-Cola for advertising purposes.” The bishop, who received a great reaction from the public saying that Santa Claus is not real, also upset the children. The Bishop said that Santa was based on St. Nicola, but he was fictitious.

The public reacted strongly to these statements.

These statements made by the Bishop shortly before Christmas also made him the focus of reactions. Although Bishop Antonio Stagliano tried to explain himself, the reactions did not stop. The clergyman said he wanted to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas in the Catholic faith. He announced that he intends to give a message of sharing rather than consumption. At the same time, many people on the Internet responded to the bishop with sarcastic messages. The parents, on the other hand, stated that this is not the duty of a clergyman.

The bishop Antonio Stagliano also questioned Santa Claus

The cleric Antonio Stagliano continued his statements. He said that Santa Claus is based on St. Nicola and according to this culture St. Nicola only helps the poor. He also wanted us to question why Santa only brings gifts to the rich. The bishop also came to the fore with these words: “Then I want to ask Santa: Excuse me, but Santa, why do you only bring presents to those who have money? Are there any starving children, why don’t you go to them? Saint Nicola of Demre was going to those children who had nothing.”

So who is Santa Claus?

As Bishop Antonio Stagliano said, Santa Claus is indeed a fictional character. He is a fictional character who responds to children’s gift requests. According to legends, Santa Claus lives in the North Pole. Also, he enters the houses of the good children to leave gifts. He leaves his gift before anyone wakes up. He is an old human figure with a white beard, wearing red clothes. On the day of St. Nicholas, especially everyone commemorates Santa Claus. The story that Santa Claus is based on is also about St. Nicholas.

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