Ben Stiller movies on Netflix

Ben Stiller is one of the timeless comedians. When we were kids in the 2000s, we all laughed at a Ben Stiller movie. Many movies of the famous actor and the movies he played are also available on Netflix. You can still open it and watch his movies. Ben Stiller movies on Netflix are ​​pretty much it. These movies are among the funniest movies of the famous comedian. Here are a few Ben Stiller movies.

Ben Stiller movies on Netflix

Ben Stiller says that he actually started his acting career by wanting to make films. Later, when the films he made appealed to the audience who wanted to laugh more, he also turned to this field. In fact, he is also a director. He directed most of his films and played the lead role. I wonder what would have happened if he had risen by making films of the style he wanted instead of comedy films. I don’t think many Ben Stiller movies that we’re all laughing at would exist. One of the best Ben Stiller movies on Netflix is ​​”Along Came Polly”. It is a movie starring Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston. It is a 2004 film directed by John Hamburg. You can also see Alec Baldwin in the movie.

Madagascar is one of Ben Stiller’s movies that you can find on Netflix. Directed by Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath, the movie was released in 2005. Ben Stiller has voiced over here. Ben Stiller also took part in many animations as a voice actor. Another of these is Megamind. The movie directed by Tom Mcgrath was released in 2010.

The Meyerowitz Stories is one of the newest movies starring Ben Stiller. We can place this movie in +18 Ben Stiller movies on the Netflix category. Because the movie appeals to a +18 audience. There are also many stars in the movie. Among them are Adam Sandler and Adam Driver. The movie was released in 2017.

Ben Stiller, Meet the Parents

I guess Ben should not mention Meet the Parents when it comes to styles. In 2000, we can say that Ben Stiller’s debut movie. He shares the lead roles with master actor Robert De Niro. It is still among the best Ben Stiller movies on Netflix. It is also a romantic comedy movie. Apart from Robert De Niro, the film also features names such as Owen Wilson and Nicole DeHuff. The film, which was nominated for an Oscar, collected 7 awards in total.