astral pregnancy

Astral projection is indeed still a great mystery. We talk a lot, even though we know very little about it. Is astral pregnancy possible? This is another one of the mysteries about astral projection. Some say they found out they were pregnant during Astral projection. For some, this is not possible.

astral pregnancy

Some people say it may be for astral pregnancy. But it is also one of the events that many do not accept at all. More people describe this event as supernatural. Thus, they say that this is not possible. But the experiences of a few women suggest otherwise. A woman who did not want to be named shared her experience as follows:

“I was sleeping with an endless smile on my face. I woke up cheerfully in the morning. My wife said that my face was smiling all the time while I was sleeping. It was as if I was happy about something in my dream. I wanted to be pregnant at that time, but I couldn’t be pregnant. Then I forgot about it. But I learned that I was pregnant unexpectedly. I felt like a baby was forming in my womb. It was a very strange experience indeed.”

According to the information shared by the woman, we can say that she felt that she was pregnant in her dreams. The woman argues that this is an astral pregnancy.

Could such a thing be possible?

Such a thing seems unlikely to be possible. But some people can really feel such abnormal things in their dreams. Maybe there is a more scientific explanation for this situation. It is like giving signals to our brain that we are pregnant, thus reflecting them in our dreams. But whatever it is, it really is like a miraculous event. astral pregnancy
really great concept. It is quite difficult to explain this. Therefore, we must first start with the concepts that we can explain in order to solve this mystery.

Is there a scientific explanation?

We do not have any scientific data for astral pregnancy yet. This is because no one has yet investigated the scientific side of the event. Nobody has researched it because it has no scientific value. We can think that he may enter the field of psychology more. It seems difficult to investigate experimentally since it is also not a demonstrable phenomenon. That’s why it’s against scientific disciplines. But we can only know what is going on as much as experience tells us. There is no scientific explanation and proof yet.