Amazon turns out to be aware of the bottle-to-toilet scandal

Amazon scandal! Amazon denied the allegations that workers used to toilet in bottles due to their busy work schedule. However, a correspondence reached revealed that Amazon management was aware of this situation. The workers said they were working very hard.

Scandals about the working conditions of Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, continue.

The company has been criticized for a while because of its busy working tempo. So much so that some Amazon workers were allegedly peeing in bottles because they did not have time to go to the toilet.

Amazon has long denied these allegations firmly. However, The Intercept revealed an internal correspondence. In an e-mail sent to employees last year, Amazon’s regional manager warns, “Don’t defecate in bags.” In the rest of the post, a warning is given not to leave bottles full of urine in the bags.

In addition, the Amazon manager states in the warning message that this event has been repeated many times. On the other hand, one of the Amazon warehouse businesses The Intercept spoke to said that the bottle-toileting habit is quite common. The unnamed employee also noted that Amazon constantly touches on this issue in worker training.

A former Amazon worker, who shared his experience on the matter, stated that they had to urinate in the bottle. Saying that Amazon has only 30 minutes of paid break, the worker said, “If we use this, no matter how fast we work, we cannot keep up our jobs.”

Jeff Bezos, founder, and CEO of Amazon is the richest person in the world. Bezos has a fortune of $ 183 billion. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Jeff Bezos added $ 70 billion to his fortune. 


Hundreds of thousands of Amazon workers across the US do not have any unions. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, during his visit to Alabama, one of the Amazon executives posted, “If you want to hear the talk about wages and health insurance, $ 15 an hour is coming, but if you want $ 15 an hour and health insurance, Amazon is buying. After the manager was reminded of the bottle toilet allegations by a senator, a reply was received from Amazon’s official Twitter account.

“You really don’t believe in bottle urine claims, do you? If this were true no one would work for us. The truth is that we have over a million workers around the world who are proud of their work and have been well paid and have health care from day one. You can enact laws that will ensure that other workers have these rights, ”he replied.